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Providing quality continuing education for healthcare professionals since 1990.

Continuing Education Certification for Healthcare Professionals

Sports Therapy Certification and SFMA Certification course taught by Dr. Michael Voight

Advances in Clinical Education offers three different continuing education certification for healthcare professionals. Functional Movement Screen (FMS), Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) and the Sports Therapy Certification (STC). The SFMA and Sports Therapy Certification can be obtained by taking traditional continuing education courses followed by a testing process, while the FMS can be obtained through an online course followed by an online test.

SFMA CEU Certification

SFMA certification is open to all licensed healthcare professionals. Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) allows healthcare professionals to breakdown dysfunctional movement and identify specific impairments that are leading to the overall dysfunction. By utilizing a systematic approach, practitioners are able to quickly identify mobility and/or stability impairments which allow them to spend more time focusing on specific treatment using their specialized skill sets. SFMA certification is taught in a traditional continuing education course model that offers professionals an algorithmic approach to the evaluation of movement. Following SFMA CEU Course, participants will be offered the opportunity to take a certification exam assessing their competency in the fundamental principles of the SFMA. SFMA Certification is perfect for anyone seeking a more efficient evaluation method to allow for the most effective treatment of patients.

Sports Therapy Certification

Sports Therapy Certification is offered to Physical Therapists through a joint agreement with the University of St Augustine. The Sports Therapy Certification is open to Physical Therapists and is obtained by attending a series of continuing education courses followed by an oral, written and practical examination process. Obtaining the Sports Therapy Certification distinguishes PT’s who demonstrate excellence in clinical sports physical therapy knowledge and skills. In a competitive job market, STC Certification can give Physical Therapist’s an advantage in reaching professional goals.

FMS Certification

FMS CEU Certification is open to all healthcare professionals, strength and conditioning coaches, and personal trainers. The FMS Certification is a screen designed for healthy individuals to establish a movement baseline. By establishing a baseline, trainers, coaches, and medical professionals can determine appropriate programming with regards to training, athletic participation, and return to sport progression. FMS is ideal for patients that have been discharged from physical therapy following an injury. FMS certification helps clinicians track progress with training, identify changes in movement following injury, and allow for better communication between medical, training, and coaching staff.