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Providing quality continuing education for healthcare professionals since 1990.

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The North American Sports Medicine Institute is proud to provide a faculty that is unparalleled in qualifications. With over 155 years of clinical, teaching, and research experience between them, this knowledgeable cadre of instructors will provide the latest information in functional foundations and progressions for the most common orthopedic and sports pathologies.

Between the members of this prestigious clinically based faculty, they have published over 100 articles and literally lectured all over the world as invited or keynote speakers on various basic science and clinically oriented topics that will be presented in this course.

Professionally this faculty have held multiple APTA component offices, participate on the editorial boards of over 10 different journals, and manage physical therapy businesses, or assist in managing university faculty practices.

The faculty has memberships in supporting organizations such as: NATA, AOSSM, ACSM, NSCA, FIMS, ISAKOS, and International cartilage repair society. This allows access to the latest information related to the holistic treatment of our patients.

This combination of experience brings real world practical solutions to your orthopedic and sports practices and the variety of patients that you treat. Providing quality Continuing Education for Physical Therapists since 1990.