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SFMA Certification Overview

Selective Functional Movement Assessment Overview

SFMA Certification Course Overview

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SFMA demonstration from certification course

What Is SFMA Certification

The Selective Functional Movement Assessment Course is designed for clinicians that treat patients with musculoskeletal pain and injuries. The SFMA identifies the root cause of symptoms and standardizes the way clinicians approach fundamental movement assessments. The SFMA gives heathcare professionals the ability to design a rehabilitation and exercise program that helps to normalize dysfunctional movement in patients.

The SFMA Advantage

When you become an SFMA certified healthcare professional, you will experience firsthand the efficiency and proven results of the SFMA system. You will gain access to an exclusive community of certified practitioners, a wealth of constantly updated professional resources, and the database of diagnostic tools and exercises that is key to the SFMA system. SFMA Certification differentiates your business and gives you an edge over the competition.

SFMA exercise demonstration by Dr. Voight

Who Should Get SFMA Certified

All healthcare professions that prescribe exercise as a way to improve performance and lifestyle should consider becoming certified in the SFMA. The complex needs of society, such as those resulting from a sedentary lifestyle, beckon for the physical therapy profession to engage with consumers to reduce preventable health care costs and overcome barriers to participation in society to ensure the successful existence of society far into the future. Poor movement patterns demonstrate an increase injury risk with activity, but good movement patterns don’t guarantee a reduced risk of injury. Once fundamental movement is managed, other factors like strength, endurance, coordination, and acquisition of skill also play a role in prevention. MSRT movement system

The SFMA is applicable to any population in fitness or sports conditioning. Its standardization streamlines assessment and makes recommending exercises more efficient. The language of SFMA makes it easy to communicate with other healthcare professionals, effectively reducing the risk of misdiagnosis and redundant work.

As musculoskeletal system experts, it is essential that healthcare providers understand the relationships between body segments and how impairments in one body region may adversely affect function of another body region. Recognition and validation of the movement system is essential to understand the structure, function, and potential of the human body. The physical therapist and other healthcare professions are responsible for evaluating and managing an individual’s movement system across the lifespan to promote optimal development; diagnose impairments, activity limitations, and participation restrictions; and provide interventions targeted at preventing or ameliorating activity limitations and participation restrictions. The movement system is the core of physical therapist practice, education, and research. Approaching therapeutic exercise prescription from a movement perspective model allows the concepts of muscle imbalance and regional interdependence to be addressed in a logical, methodical manner. The SFMA CEU Course ensures a standardized model for effectively isolating the cause of injury and efficiently establishing a treatment plan to restore the whole of function.

Benefits of the SFMA Certification

  • Become recognized as a SFMA Professional
    • Be listed on the SFMA Professional Registry and included in networking system
      • The SFMA Registry is a database of all SFMA Certified individuals. This provides a very simple tool to identify SFMA Certified Professionals. The SFMA Registry will provide contact information, background as well as specialty information for each Certified professional.
      • The purpose of this Registry is to:
        • Provide Access to SFMA Certified Individuals to ANYONE seeking an SFMA assessment
        • Provide a Network and Communication System

Have access to the SFMA members only websiteBe eligible to use the SFMA assessment and exercise software systemFocus on the fundamentals of movement with the goal being to identify physical imbalances, limitations, and weaknessesEstablish a functional baseline to mark progressImprove fundamental movement patterns with simple corrective exercises

How do you become certified? – Get Certified Now

To become a SFMA Certified, you must attend a SFMA Certification Course and pass the online exam following the course. You must be a healthcare practitioner who is licensed to assess, diagnosis, and manually treat patients with musculoskeletal pain to be eligible for SFMA Certification. This includes Medical Doctors, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Certified Athletic Trainers, and Occupational Therapists.

Students are encouraged to take the SFMA Certification Course, but will not be eligible for certification until they have become licensed to practice in their respective profession.
SFMA course demonstration


Selective Functional Movement and Assessment
16 Hours, 1.6 CEU’s Tuition: $945.00

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