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What is the difference between FMS and SFMA

Many people inquire about the need to take the FMS prior to the SFMA and what exactly the differences are between the FMS and SFMA.


The FMS is a Extension-for-web-low-ressimple 7 movement screen intended to be utilized in a healthy population simply for identifying dysfunctional movement and asymmetry within the body.

In contrast, the Selective Functional Movement Assessment is a detailed orthopedic assessment performed by medically credentialed individuals in order to diagnose and treat the root cause of pain and movement dysfunctions.

Is FMS a Prerequisite for SFMA?

The FMS is not a prerequisite to take the SFMA. These are both separate continuing education courses and certifications. Many SFMA certified individuals elect to also become FMS certified in order to expand both into the general healthy population and/or to utilize this in discharge testing and as part of return to play assessments.

For more information, check out our SFMA course outline and upcoming classes.