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Are Your Athletes Really Ready to Return to Play?

Michael L. Voight

Dr. Michael L. Voight

SFMA co-founder and instructor Dr. Mike Voight gave a great presentation on the topic of movement assessment in RTP decision making at the first annual International Sports PT Congress in Bern, Switzerland. Here’s some of the highlights from the presentation. You can view the entire presentation by following the link below.

Take Home Messages:

  • Traditionally return to play decisions have been made on basic healing times, range of motion, and strength, however, previous injury continues to be identified in research as the biggest predictor of injury.
    • So what are we missing and who’s problem is this?
  • Motor control must be considered.
    • Movement patterns mean more than isolated strength
  • We have several options for ways to assess movement, however, there are certain psychometric properties that are important to consider with regards to the utilization of a given assessment such as reliability and validity.
    • In addition, is the assessment field expedient?
  • Many of the available tests are mediocre in isolation, but when utilized in combination with each other the diagnostic yield improves.

View the entire lecture by Dr Mike Voight by clicking here