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ACL Reconstruction Techniques: Single VS Double Bundle

BLOG: Tab Blackburn

Single-Bundle Versus Double Bundle Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Comparative 2 Year Follow-up.
Mayr HO, etal, Arthroscopy Vol 32 No 1 January 2016 pp34-42

Arthroscopy had a nice systematic review of single-bundle (SB) vs double-bundle (DB) ACL reconstruction techniques by Mascarenhas etal in the June 2015 issue. As in the article listed above and the review of meta-analyses of Mascarenhas no significant difference has been found between the two techniques functionally.

The Mayr paper had a great prospective framework with a good 2 year follow-up (although this writer feels 5 years is a significant follow-up). The paper supported Mascarehhas’ review. What Mayr did special in his study was that he developed a device that allows measurement of anterior drawer with the KT and he controlled tibial rotation. One thing the DB surgery provides is better rotational stability through a tibial rotation range during KT testing. Mayr did show better control of the tibia throughout tibial rotation with DB.

But does this help the athlete perform at the highest level?

As of now, not enough functional outcome studies to know the difference!

What do you think?